At Studiotek we provide a level of ‘support’ which encourages our clients to become an integral part of our ‘team’. No closed doors… no them and us… just us. This relaxed and open approach creates a dynamic environment in which everybody is engaged in developing the required solutions. We make it clear what we can do… and what we cannot do. We do not waste time or money… yours or ours. Clarity of purpose… clarity of offering… with clarity of communication, that is our method. Producing distinctive, powerful, persuasive and effective communications, that is our capability.

Studiotek’s  Commitment

Studiotek is totally committed to helping its clients achieve that aim and, in doing so, is dedicated to enhancing the strength of our client’s brand through whichever communication medium is considered to be appropriate at the time.

Our Talent and Profesionalism

Our communication ‘expertise’ resource is considerable. Having worked with ‘Top Twenty’ agencies our people have honed their skills working on major brand development and advertising campaigns for both national and international clients.

And lastly, just a few basic facts:

  • 01

    Studiotek has working partners who deal on a day to day basis with all clients.

  • 02

    The partners of Studiotek were trained at ‘top twenty’ successful agencies.

  • 03

    Lateral thinking and a sound instinct for what is appropriate, forms the basis of our philosophy.

  • 04

    Studiotek is a small agency where every client is treated with equal importance.

  • 05

    At Studiotek we run things leaner and meaner. We have overheads, but they’re considerably lower than those of less flexible agencies. .